Kotor Old Town Boutique Hotel

Kotor, Old Town

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Kotor Old Town Boutique Hotel,
completelly renovated

Area: 323 m2

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 9


Hotel Graz has been completely refurbished and is ready to open as a Boutique Hotel, Spa and Bar in Old Town Kotor, Montenegro. The Hotel’s building was originally constructed several hundred years ago. In 1860 the building was transformed into “Hotel Graz”.


Time took its toll on the property, which was rebuilt from the ground up. This includes all new structural reinforcements, floors, windows, shutters, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Everything has been brought up to modern safety and environmental energy-saving standards. All new custom-made furnishings and accessories are in place ready to go.


The current layout 7 rooms, the top floor being a master suite. Inside there are 9 bathrooms which have been built. After entering the reception with a handmade custom marble desk, go up the stairs to the terrace. The terrace has an outdoor Electrolux-equipped kitchen, seating for 10 tablelands a sushi bar. On the terrace, you will notice the waterfall amid the plants, trees, and vines growing.  Also, the 2 pergolas can be opened for increased sunlight or in the evening stars. Once on the terrace, you cross over the archway bridge into the hotel area which is separate from the dining area.


The hotel and kitchen are fully stocked with top-of-the-line dishes and linens with no expense being spared. Adjacent to the reception area is the newly formed spa. Inside there is a sauna, steam shower, exercise machine, massage room, and changing area. Across from the Sauna is a Hand Made Jacuzzi pool with a volcano-erupting water pump and waterfall.


On both opposite sides of the entry across the alleyway, there is the fully equipped bar with seating for 8 tables. Inside the bar, the ceiling is the original hand-laid Siga stone noise-canceling ceiling.


Everything is set up and ready to start in business.


Niko Lakovic



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