Palaces of Boka Bay,
Bronza Palace, Perast

Dear virtual passengers , at first glance- I am nothing more than an ordinary stone. And I do almost nothing to justify my existence – I defy the sun and the rain, I resist the wind motionless and, sometimes, my steadfastness tames the sea. Only to be looking at it peacefully again, in the very next moment. Because whenever the sea decides to imitate the glass- there I go, starting over. Enjoying the calmness.

But, yet again, I said- almost nothing. And that’s fine if you don’t want to waste your time on my story.  But if you do decide to stay just a bit longer, I will speak. Telling you that I, indeed, am a part of a special palace which, by definition – is a beautiful and luxurious house. In my case, even more special, because this in fact is the residence and the pride of the Bronza family, whose first ship was mentioned in the archives from the end of the XVI century. The family whose members, captains Ivan and Josip, were awarded by the Venetian Republic the Order of St. Mark for their bravery in battles against pirates.

As I said, I represent a very important part of this family’s foundation, and am trying to prove (to those who donated me their precious time) why the “ordinary stone” expression was only- seemingly. Let me first reassure you by showing off my baroque suit, which dresses up the whole palace and makes me a proud hero, standing this close to that terrible force and synonym for unbridledness and moodiness, as it’s the sea. For centuries.

And it is, above all, the baroque spirit which inspired me to build this palace from the ground up – ground floor, first and, in the end, the second floor in the shape of a belvedere, whose dynamic volutes are synonym for baroque, pageantry and freedom in architecture. Deprived of the rules of symmetry and so absolutely free and unlimited in space, these moments gave my palace the opportunity to fit perfectly into the Pearl of Montenegro, as they call Perast, a long-time safe harbor for captains and their families. As a proud part of this entirety, which in the XIX century served to the Austro-Hungarians as the Customshouse (Dogana), which today has preserved the original layout of its space, I am proudly enjoying the view of the Mediterranean. Under this clear, picturesque sky, I testify variety or scenes during the day: fishermen sailing towards the horizon early in the morning, joyful tourists while enthusiastically taking new moments and memories from a place that so boldly watches the hills merge with water in the afternoon and then, in the evening, I will obviously send off a day to a new, endless journey into the quietness.

The Bronza Palace preserves the baroque of Montenegro, keeping all of its peculiarities and valuables intact while taking care of its unbreakable tradition with the sea. So again- I am just a seemingly ordinary stone that travels through time. Exposed to the sun, sea salt and the enchanting scents of the Mediterranean. Speaking an authentic language and carrying the fragments of eternity within me. Forever.